Is there a single perfect smart home app ?

A smart home app, also called as home automation app, is an application that allows users to control and manage various smart home devices remotely, usually from a smartphone or a tablet. There are hundreds of smart home apps developed to connect your smartphone with a single specific home automation device. However, there are just a few capable of managing multiple smart home technologies from one interface at once, often using a home automation hub. Why is it so and is there a single perfect smart home app?

The problem of integrating all smart home devices into one hub

Smart home technology is a very new industry and rather a complicating one. Although customers slowly but truly pile up their home automation devices, the smart home industry hasn’t come up yet with a single standard of home tech integration. Therefore, it becomes annoyingly hard for users to connect and manage all their smart home gadgets from one single interface. I guess that I am not the only one with ten unique applications on my smartphone switching from one to another every time I want to switch off the lights or adjust my thermostat…

So is there a perfect smart home app to integrate all of my home automation projects?

Unfortunately, there is no ultimate smart home app that I can suggest to you today. However, if you are still looking for a single app alternative to control all of your connected smart home devices, I would strongly recommend checking out this list.


With Yonomi you can not only integrate all your smart home devices into one app but also create smart routines for each room of your house. This application works with such popular home tech as Amazon Echo, Sonos, Philips Hue, LIFX, Nest, and more.


A multiple-award-winning smart home app Stringify ties various home gadgets together in order to create a unique home experience. This app features a drag&drop flow builder as well as some most popular flows. Moreover, it is cloud-based, so no need for additional hardware.


Gideon mobile app can interact with and control multiple home automation devices via the cloud and the users’ local wifi network. It is compatible with a wide range of smart home technologies and even features a voice bot. Gideon is also perfect to track your home’s safety records, indexes of consumption, and different statistics.

Smart home apps based on home automation hubs

A lot of smart home apps require additional home automation hub in order to integrate multiple devices to one control center. If you are up to buying an additional hardware in order to smoothly manage all smart home gadgets from one interface, don’t hesitate to look into such technologies as Apple Homekit, Wink Hub, and Insteon.

Finally, controlling home automation does not always require using your thumbs and fingers. Instead, you can control everything with your voice by using voice home assistants.

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