Simple Home Automation Ideas That You Can Do This Weekend

People who consider automating their home usually think that installing it would require complicated and technical procedures that would need help from professionals. While some think it would consume too much time installing and their schedule might disagree with it, so they will shrug it off and postpone their home automation ideas.

If you’re thinking the same way, you probably need to read further because, with the tremendous upgrades in our technology, home automation becomes much more convenient and attainable. In reality, you’re so likely to accomplish some during this weekend.

So, here are some cool automation ideas that you can start installing this weekend.

1.   Automate Your Lighting system.

The lighting system is the perfect product to start your home automation adventure by automatically turning on when it gets dark or turning off during sunrise. By simply replacing your traditional bulbs with Smart light bulbs and integrating them with their unique free app, you can easily set up your lighting system. These bulbs can also integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for a touch-free experience. There are also advanced features for other light bulbs such as dimming, motion sensor, color, and shade transition.

Another option is replacing your switch with a Smart Light Switch. There’s a bit of electrical procedure upon installing this, so if it’s not your stuff, then consider changing your light bulbs.

Nowadays, setting up an automated lighting system is affordable and convenient. You can order your Smart Light Bulb or Smart Light switch at the comforts of your home.

2.   Automate Your Sound System

You probably love listening to your favorite playlist while cleaning the house, but you have this problem bringing your speakers every time you need to move from one room to another. Well, this one is perfect for you.

By connecting your wireless smart speakers to the home network and downloading their corresponding app, you can easily set-up your wireless sound system. It may be an expensive investment, but you can start with just one speaker then add whenever you’re capable.

You can check a variety of Smart Speakers online for hassle-free shopping.

3.   Automate Your Ventilation System

Controlling your cooling system is one of the most efficient automation that you can start if you want to conserve energy, and at the same time, cut your bill expenses. All you need to do is purchase a Smart Thermostat to help you adjust your home’s temperature to your desired set-up.

If you’re thinking of maximizing your Smart Thermostat, you can pair it up with some other Smart appliances. Smart Air Conditioner is the right partner for a thermostat since you can program it in many ways, like automatically shifting to medium or fan mode if the temperature at night decreases. If you have a location sensor, you can also set-up an automatic trigger to your A/C so that it will start cooling before you arrive home.

Another way to automate your ventilation is by using Smart A/C Controllers. It will make your traditional air conditioner have a Smart function that you can easily control using your phone.

Your ventilation system is an integral part of your house and making it convenient for your usage is a worthwhile investment. Try checking on your desired Smart Thermostat or Smart A/C Controllers online today.

4.   Automate Your laundry System

With our busy schedules, forgetting that we have laundry waiting for us in the washer is a common scenario. It might be okay if it’s just for a couple of minutes, but speaking of hours or days, that would be an issue.

The most recommended way is to buy a Smart plug to measure your power usage and notify you once the washer is done. A typical set-up is to inform you when the power usage is below 2 watts. But there are Smart Washers that have power saver settings, which will give you an inaccurate notification. To solve it, use a Multi-Sensor to detect and measure vibration.

By adopting this automation, you don’t need to wear smelly clothes any longer. Shop online now for your Smart Plug needs.

Final Thoughts

Automating your home system is not as complicated as we think it is. With simple purchase, download, and set-up, you can easily have that 5-star lighting and cooling experience at home. Remember that whatever you invest in Home Automation ideas is an investment for your comfort and time.

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