Best Home Automation Companies You Need To Have Your Eyes On

In the current era of technology, the Home Automation System is no longer an “Iron Man” thing, now it has become more of an everyday necessity to those who want to experience comfortability.

With that growth of demand, it was no surprise that many companies suddenly emerged and decided to compete in the automation market.

As a wise and responsible consumer, you fully understand that though they might be offering the same kinds of products, only some can satisfy your quality and price standards.

To help you choose your next home automation supplier, let me introduce some of the best home automation companies that can surely exceed your expectations.

1.   Savant

Savant is known as the pioneer of Smart Home Automation. Their dominance in this market proves that their products and services are top-notch and undeniably of the highest quality. The signature characteristics of their products are their simplicity and smooth integration with other smart appliances. In case you have existing smart appliances or devices, you will not be having any problems in incorporating it with Savant Home Automations.

If you’re wondering about the installation, worry no more because Savant offers a hassle-free set-up of their system. It wouldn’t even require you to handle too much wiring and extension to enjoy the comfort of their products. Moreover, you can always contact their customer service in case you need assistance.

2.   SmartThings

SmartThings is a proud part of the famous Samsung Electronics. They are the renowned creator of the best open platform for the Internet of Things.

If you are into the DIY set-up, this product is your best option. With SmartThings’ system, you can bring up all your devices from other manufacturers to work together and set-up specific complex rules and procedures.

In terms of pricing, SmartThings offers a great price, especially on their hub. It doesn’t even require you to purchase any subscription plans to use their app. Though it may cost you a lot to buy all their devices, bear in mind that you could start with the hub and add other devices later on.

3.   Apple HomeKit

If you are an IOS user, this could probably be the best product in choosing your home automation company provider. With their Home app, you can easily interconnect all your HomeKit accessories from the comfort of any of your IOS devices.

But the most exciting feature that they have is their high-end security system. In fact, they have launched the HomeKit Secure Video capability and HomeKit‑enabled routers that will serve as a layer of security for your smart home automation, proving that they value your security while using their system.

4.   EcoBee

EcoBee is a proud supporter of environmental sustainability. They believe that they can upgrade the way people view and consume energy to create a more sustainable future through technology.

Their products are certified eco-based that help conserve energy. One of those is the eco+, a free Smart Thermostat upgrade that can detect fluctuations, saving your power and, significantly, cutting a massive amount in your bill. By installing EcBee smart home automation in your home, you are converting your home into a smarter one and joining a sustainable movement of conserving energy.

5.   Wink

Wink Home Automation is perfect for starters in home automation. They offer easy to use hardware and software products from an easily integrated interface. They are also offering a DIY kind of home automation systems and products like Wink Mobile app, Wink Hub, Wink Relay, and all other Wink-certified devices.

Also, they are known for their excellent customer service. You can contact their support team through email, phone, or Twitter with an average response time of 24 hours.

Suppose you’re on the verge of choosing the right Smart Home Automation Company that will provide an automation upgrade experience in your lifestyle. In that case, you need to consider a few things such as your budget, security, easy installation, seamless integration, and energy conservation. With those things in mind, you can easily decide which home automation company can satisfy your desired needs.

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