Best Home Automation IFTTT recipes

If you are not familiar with IFTTT, it’s a program/website/app that allows you to connect different systems and create rules, or as they call them, “recipes”. IFTTT becomes especially awesome when you connect all of your smart home devices. Instead of waiting for your favorite brand to launch a version 2 or an update, you can just develop them yourself.

Best Home Automation IFTTT recipes

Home Automation IFTTT recipes

IFTTT has become very popular in home automation community because the flexibility and options to push your home automation products even more than the manufacturer intended.

Some home automation companies like HomeSeer have seen the benefit of IFTTT and made a partnership with IFTTT to advance their products.

HomeSeer’s IFTTT

HomeSeer's IFTTT

HomeSeer’s IFTTT channel extends the reach of your HS3 system to nearly 200 web apps, products and cloud services. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination. Here are a few things to try Control a Belkin WeMo device, Phillips Hue bulb or Nest product using any trigger in HomeSeer!
Launch a HomeSeer event from a tweet, Facebook post or YouTube submission!
Launch a HomeSeer event when you enter or leave an area!
Launch a HomeSeer event when a sporting activity is about to begin!

IFTTT with SmartThings

Smart things IFTTT

via blog smarthings

The SmartThings team has created a whole list of popular recipes for those not feeling creative. There is a list of Triggers and a list of possible Alerts. Think switched on, off, open, closed, locked, unlocked, activate siren, motion, presence, temperature, humidity, moisture, or brightness as ingredients you can cook with. There are hundreds of possibilities. These ingredients can be used to make your life safer and easier if you want them to. Here are some recipes made by others that I found innovative:

Use FourSquare to unlock your door with a #hashtag.
Call your phone if a motion is detected.
The email you if it is freezing!
Log events to your Google Drive.

Amazon Echo Alarm/iOS Notification

Amazon Echo ITFFF

I keep my Echo in the hall so I can’t always hear it when I’m sleeping in my room. This makes it easy to walk in tired, tell Echo to set an alarm, then get that notification on your phone when the alarm goes off. I know that you can set an alarm on your phone, but not having to pull out your phone and open an app is easier and much cooler.

There is so much more you can do with IFTTT but we will let you explore or even think of a completely new receipe for your needs.



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