Home automation apps that will improve your life

A big problem out there with home automation is control. Many systems require a keypad or other stationary panel. However, many developers are starting to add home automation apps.

These apps can easily be downloaded to most devices. Giving the homeowner control from anywhere.

Here is a quick rundown of five home automation apps.

Home automation apps that will improve your life


HAI Snap-Link Mobile

home automation apps
Leviton offers a wide range of choices

To start out the list, we have HAI by Leviton. Leviton has been in the electrical business for over a century and HAI has been an industry leader in home automation for three decades.

Even better is their ability to integrate their Hub software with other brands.

Most noteworthy, Leviton has their app available for Android, Apple and Windows phones so compatibility is not an issue.

Homeseer mobile app

homeseer home automation apps
The Homeseer home automation app can meet a variety of needs

We then have Homeseer, who claims to be the “leading provider of home automation systems.”

Homeseer offers a ‘hybrid’ approach to home control. Their smart home hubs combine speed and reliability while utilizing cutting-edge cloud-managed services such as those offered by Amazon (Alexa) and Google Home.

Even though Homeseer itself offers an app device with their products, you can also download this freeware version that works just as well as the paid version from Homeseer.

Control4 My House

Control4 home automation apps
Control4 offers a host of apps for your system

Next is the home automation app by Control4.

The home automation app allows you to connect directly to your system control lights, temperature, cameras, audio/video equipment, smart door locks and more. All from their device.

Control4’s home automation app is available for Apple iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch, Android smartphones and tablets, and the Amazon Fire Phone.

No word on availability for the Windows Phone


savant home automation apps
Excellent control through Savant

Although a bit pricey, Savant is an excellent home automation app to have.

Unlike many of the other apps out there, Savant has a much more user customizable app. Savant’s home automation app also allows for specific user use, so adults can keep children from making unwanted changes or activating items they should not.

What is even better, is with the ability to act as a control for the television, parents may even be able to control what their children watch.

When Savant was first launched, it was only available for iOS. However, it is also available now for Android.

Hopefully, soon Windows phone and Amazon Fire will have apps available

Samsung SmartThings

home automation apps by samsung
Samsung Smartthings offers possibilities

Finally, we have Smartthings by Samsung.

The great thing about the home automation app for SmartThings is the ease of use and set up. Even better is the automatic pairing with Smartthing compatible items and its app. Nothing is more frustrating than having to call support or spend hours trying to pair a device.

Smartthings has apps for Android, Google Assitant, and Amazon Alexa. THere are also versions for iPhone and Apple Watch.

Once again, no word of Amazon Fire or Windows Phone apps yet.

Final Thoughts on Home Automation Apps

Home automation customers want options.

Most of all, they want ease of access. That means at home or away from home. Customers no longer will accept bulky panels or hard to control devices.

They want immediate access and control and in the end, that means that home automation apps need to be up to the challenge. The future belongs to home automation apps that do that job.

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