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Today, we explore two of the more commonly used smarthomes control products available today and see what they have to offer you and your family. These devices are motion sensors and smart outlets – two vital foundations of any automated house. While you have most likely seen these electronics used in homes, they are becoming a more and more common piece of a larger puzzle that integrates multiple products into one centrally-controlled unit – part of a fully-automated smarthomes.

Home Control For Smarthomes – What is popular?

Motion Sensors.

One of the most common uses for motion sensors have been activating external lights as a security response to movement outside of the home. However, with the technology available today, motion sensors are becoming more and more common use in the home as well. These sensors can be connected to the security system for when away from home, or for when you’re sleeping and want to monitor movement in specific areas of the home during those hours. A motion sensor can detect when you walk into your kitchen in the morning and, in conjunction with other smarthomes controls, can brew your coffee while simultaneously raising/lowering your thermostat in anticipation of you leaving for work.

Motion sensors can also monitor specific areas of the home for the safety of your family and loved ones. These monitors can help keep children and pets from entering dangerous areas of the household, such as medicine cabinets or basements. They can additionally turn lights on and off as people enter and leave specific areas of the home, making the process of hunting for light switches in the dark a thing of the past – in fact, this type of technology will eventually make the need for light switches completely obsolete.

Smart Outlets.
Smart outlets can serve a variety of purposes in an automated house. One of the more common purposes for these types of outlets have been to automatically turn lights on and off, such as exterior lights for the holidays, or interior lights while away from home as security. However, while older generations of these types of electronics were typically run by a timer, they are now at the touch of our fingertips on our iphone, ipad, and other hand-held devices. Not only can they be set with automatic timers, but any appliances connected to those outlets can be turned on and off at the touch of a button virtually anywhere in the world where there is internet service.

Smart outlets can additionally serve as a security measure to monitor electronics. For example, maybe you’re wondering whether or not you shut off the hair straightener before you left for work today. Rather than debate whether to turn around or worry about it all day, you can simply access your smart outlet monitor to see whether the outlet is being used. You can even disable it remotely if you find it is on. You can also use it to monitor when electronics are turned on when you are away from home. This can serve as a form of backup security when using a babysitter or otherwise want to ensure devices are not used at home while you’re away. With this type of added home security, homes are safer while our minds are more at ease.



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