Home Innovations 2017 : New Way Of Life

Technology is progressing at a very high speed, and it’s hard to catch up with all the home innovations. The truth is: the future is looking bright, Let’s see what’s already in stores for your home connectivity.

Home Innovations 2017: New Way Of Life

1. Your yoga mat will be your new yoga teacher.

We all need some relaxing and stretching breaks in our daily lives.SmartMat’s sensors will help you correct your poses, and you’ll have no more excuses. You can always catch up with a yoga class online, by setting it to a home mode while it’s hooked up to its phone app.

2. Smart plugs, or how to make your home a space ship.

Home Innovations - Home Automation

Did you forget to turn off the lights downstairs again? Or you want to start warming your coffee while you are still in bed? iDevices offers various home plugs, to control with a connected app from anywhere, even from your office.

3. Make your food cook itself.

Well, no other food is better than your mom’s, that’s for sure. Still, new Jenn-Air’s connected wall oven will make cooking easier for you than ever before. As you can see in the picture, you’re about to elevate your kitchen’s experience.

4. Enter the era of 4k TV.

We talked about an inevitable approach of VR TV here, but for now, 4k TV is the television of 2017. You guessed it, it’s four times the resolution of high def TV. Expensive at start, but stores witnessed a price drop over the year, in result, you can get your hands on it beginning at 349$.

5. Change your way of dreading laundry.

Watch out for LG Twin Wash System. It’s an internally equipped LG washing machine, with a compatible mini washer system below the full-sized one. Which means less time and less money.

As you can see, our lifestyle will dramatically change in the next few years. And we love it! What about you? Did you include any of these home innovations in your home?

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  1. So tech-y! Everything at home has gone smart…it does save a lot of time…and we know how time is of value…I may not be ready yet for this kind of innovation since I still teach my kids the traditional way of cooking and cleaning. haha.

    Thanks for this lovely article, awesome tech featured!


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