Is Wyze Home Monitoring a Good Investment for your Household’s Security?

In setting up a smart home automation system, it’s essential to prioritize your household’s security. There are many automation companies in the market that offer a complete security system, but the common issue that we always consider is the price. Sure, they’re all legit and effective, but it won’t make sense on your end if you can’t afford to install it.

Wyze Labs breaks that cost barrier. With the announcement of their new monitoring service known as Wyze Home Monitoring, ordinary households can now experience a secured home automation system without having to worry about making a big cut in their bank.

What is Wyze Home Monitoring?

Wyze Home Monitoring is the latest upgrade of Wyze labs in terms of their home security products and services. This new innovation will integrate all your Wyze devices, giving you complete professional monitoring access using your smartphone.

Currently, Wyze Home Monitoring is not yet on the market, but you can start pre-ordering today.

How Does it Work?

The system works for your safety 24/7. Depending on your current need, you can select from the system’s three modes such as Home, Away, or Disarm.


This mode activates all your security systems within your perimeter, making sure that everyone inside is safe. Once detected a possible intruder, the system will immediately sound the alarm and notify you right away.


This feature is perfect if you have long vacations or trips overseas. Wyze Home Monitoring will make sure that you can be at peace even within miles away by keeping an eye on both outside and inside of your house.


You will also have the option to turn off the system when you feel like not needing it. Don’t worry, all sensors and recordings will still continue to function at their best. Even if the system is turned off, you will still have an excellent smart home experience.

How Will This System Can Protect Your Household?

This system’s security is powered by Noonlight, a top-rated security app, which will send all your important details to 911 dispatchers whenever you need emergency services. Wyze Labs thinks of your safety, you will not be responded to by bots and system-generated messages; instead, you will get to connect with real people and emergency personnel.

First, you will receive a notification message to verify the alarm detected by the system. In case you didn’t respond, a professional dispatcher will call you. Once the issue is verified, they will send you the needed emergency services urgently.

What Do You Need to Make The System Work?

Technically, you will need a couple of Wyze home devices to be installed before setting up the Home Monitoring system.

  • Wyze Sense Hub is the center of your system. It connects all your sensors to provide a top-notch monitoring function. It also comes with an onboard siren for alert purposes.
  • Wyze Entry Sensor is a small discreet sensor that you can put in your doors or windows. This sensor can detect opening or closing motions and give an alert when someone left your doors or windows open.
  • Wyze Motion Sensor, on the other hand, detects movement from large objects inside its perimeter.
  • Wyze Sense Keypad is an extra control set-up to quickly arm/disarm the system. In case of emergency, there’s also a necessary button for your convenience.
  • Wyze Cam is highly recommended in setting up the system. Though this cam is not included in the general package of Wyze Home Monitoring, you can still purchase one at a very affordable price.
  • Wyze App will make every home monitoring device work under your control. Aside from monitoring your home, the Wyze app can also check the battery level and sensor status of your Wyze home devices.

How Much Will it Cost Me?

The announcement of Wyze Home Monitoring shakes the automation market with their inexpensive products and services deal. For $4.99 a month and a one-time $49.99 purchase of a Wyze starter kit, you will have the great privilege of enjoying their system. You can also cancel the subscription anytime you want.

But wait… If you decide to pay an annual rate of $59.88, you will get the Wyze starter kit for free. The kit includes Wyze Sense Hub, 2 entry sensors, 1 motion sensor, 2 Wyze window stickers, and a keypad. In case you haven’t purchased a Wyze Cam yet, don’t worry, you can add it to the package for just $20.

Final Thoughts

Considering the price and the security it will bring to your household, Wyze Home Monitoring is a steal of a deal. There is no home monitoring system in the market nowadays that’s as affordable as this one.

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