Oval Smart Home: A Reliable 5-in-1 Sensor That your Home Desperately Needs

The first priority that you should always consider at home is your security. That’s why when you’re looking for a brand to invest in for smart home automation, you need to check first the quality of the security system that it offers.

Most of the time, you focus on looking for motion sensors to deal with theft and burglary possibilities. But somehow, you forgot that security isn’t just about protecting your home from outside threats, it’s also providing the proper defense against internal casualties such as fire, water spills, and gas leaks.

Commonly, you will end up buying different sensors to aid the security needs of your home. The problem with this scenario is the expensive cost you need to deal with to satisfy your household’s safety. Oval Smart Home understands that problem, that’s why they came up with the idea of providing reliable sensors with a 5 – in – 1 function in terms of protecting you from both outside and inside threats.

Smart Sensors

The best thing about Oval Smart Home is it doesn’t need to have a camera or microphone to perform its sensor duties. Obviously, from the title of this article, you already knew that it can be used as a sensor for 5 different factors. Smart Oval can detect changes in temperature, light, water, humidity, and motion.

1.    Motion

This is one of the most critical sensors you should have since it will give you adequate privacy and security against theft. It can detect movement in both your doors and windows, giving you a quick alert in a span of 1 to 2 seconds.

Besides protecting against possible invasion, you could also use this sensor to detect if someone opens the vault or any hazardous cabinet that your kids should avoid opening.

2.    Light

Oval doesn’t just protect your safety, they also care for your electricity bill. The sensor can always ensure that your lights should only be working during your desired time of the day. Otherwise, it will prompt you to take the necessary action.

If you are into houseplants and indoor gardening, this sensor is also helpful to you. It can monitor the level of brightness according to your plant’s needs.

3.    Temperature

One way of protecting our home is by paying attention to any device that can cause a fire. With the help of Oval’s temperature sensor, you can be quickly notified once there are irregularities like the increasing temperature in your stove or other appliances, high-temperature level on your medicine area, or even when your cooling/heating system is not functioning well.

4.    Humidity

In case you’re wondering why you need a humidity sensor in your house, well the primary reason is to monitor the possible production of molds which might cause health problems into your household.

Aside from that, mold might also damage your house interior, flooring, and other furniture. Not to mention that it can destroy some of your paintings and artwork displays, which for sure, you don’t want to happen.

5.    Water

The 5-in-1 sensor can also detect water leakage in your bathroom, basement, roof, and any other part of your house, which is vital, especially during the winter or rainy season. You can now easily identify if you need to repair or replace something regarding any water-related problem.

To Sum it Up

The 5-in-1 sensor advancement that Oval Home Automation has provided is an essential layer of defense in our home. It can give you the appropriate protection once there is a possible threat. It can also provide you assurance of monitoring your belongings to avoid future damage. And the best part is, it will help you conserve energy and money.

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