Real Life Home Automation

You read a lot about home automation and you are wondering how all that works? We are bringing you real life home automation example that will help you get started.

Real Life Home Automation

Real Life Home Automation

In this video by IVB’s home automation you will learn how to control your home automation system with your voice, GPS location, touch screen or other control systems.

First, we will take a look at this interaction model diagram that shows how are things connected and how they are controlled (explained in the video).


  • Brown is the most interesting thing that is the hardware of home automation, each box represents another system that is used in the home.
  • Green is the software used for controlling hardware in the house.
  • Gray are the controllers for each system.
  • Blue is outside control not the part of the system.

As you can see from the interaction model, system is controlled from Amazon Echo, Moto 360, Android, iPhone, and laptop or home PC. All of the that is going to a central Server unit where all the orders are processed and forwarded to your hardware you want to control.

  • Voice control works with Amazon Echo, Moto360 smartwatch or any android device like a tablet, mobile phone.
  • NFC on your mobile can be programmed when you enter the range to trigger like coming home with your car, and your garage door is set to open when you drive in.
  • Location can work also with your mobile phone. You set it to lock the door of your home when you leave your home and your GPS alerts your home automation that locks the door.
  • IFTTT is very popular application that you can make your phone do all sort of things when it gets triggered by some preprogrammed event. That can be replicated in home automation so you can have your sprinkler system turn on if the sensor didn’t detect any rain in last 2 days.

Video by IVB’s home automation:

If you want to know more you can check out our article about types of home automation systems. 

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