Smart Ways to Save Energy With Home Automation

In this current digital age, automation is no longer just a trend but rather a necessity that helps you catch up with your fast-paced environment. This is most applicable at your home, the place where you supposedly spend more time on your rest instead of chores.

While it is true that home automation can help reduce your household works, many still believe that it will reflect a big energy consumption on your bill. Well, on the contrary, installing the right home automation tools in your home can not just cut your expenses but can also contribute to saving your environment.

Here are some easy and economical tips that you can apply to save energy with home automation.

1.    Use Lighting Automation Devices.

Are you usually guilty of not turning the lights off in your room before going to work? Or probably concerned about your kids leaving the balcony lights on.

If that’s your case, then the lighting automation system is the perfect solution for you. With its integrated control function, you can switch your light off by simply using your phone. You could also program your lighting system through its timer function, in that way, you can set a specific timer for turning off or on your lights.

But the most efficient function is that you can incorporate this with Smart Light Bulbs. Equipped with motion sensors, these bulbs will only respond if there are activities in the room, otherwise, it will automatically turn off. All of those functions will lead you to a significant cut in your electric bill.

2.    Use Energy Management Devices.         

According to the Energy Information Administration, the total energy consumption in 2019 by the United States alone reaches 3.9 trillion kilowatt-hours (kWh), which is 13 times the consumption in 1950.

It may sound alarming, but you can be of help in reducing those numbers by installing an energy management device at home. This gadget consists of Smart Power Strips and Switches measures and monitors your consumption. With that, you can easily make adjustments in your daily use. You can also put your appliances in standby mode to reduce phantom energy even if it’s still plugged.

3.    Use Temperature Regulators

Temperature is a huge factor in your energy consumption. Traditionally, you will adjust your ventilation system manually depending on your needs.

Now, using Smart Thermostats, all you have to do is sit back and relax, as your room temperature adjusts on your desired preference. It can also monitor outside climates to help you adjust the hotness or coldness of your home.

In addition, you can also use motorized blinds to help you regulate the heat that enters your window thus reducing the usage of your air conditioning system.

With the combined capabilities of those regulators, you will surely enjoy consistent cost savings.

4.    Use Energy-Saving Appliances

Generally, these are all smart appliances that evolved from the traditional ones in your home such as Smart Dishwashers and showers. Aside from its advanced functions, it can also automatically adjust its settings based on your desired energy consumption. In that way, you can benefit from a lesser utility bill.

Though it is advisable to upgrade all your appliances, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to purchase all at once. You can start with those essential appliances that you commonly used at home. If you want to know more about how you can start automating your home, you may want to read this Guide

Final Thoughts

With proper home automation devices and effective usage of it, you can make an elegant and eco-friendly home without worrying too much about your electricity bill. Remember, switching to home automation appliances saves not just your expenses but also your environment.

Do you have any interesting tips to save energy with home automation?

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