The Best Intelligent Homesmart Systems 2018

Homesmart technology has continually faced rapid advancements, which has contributed to the betterment of smart home devices. The home has become a more secure place where you can not only relax but also enjoy the comfort that technology has fostered in the house. 2018 is, therefore, your year as better smart home automation systems have been developed.

Etekcity 5-Channel Wireless Homesmart Remote Control

The Etekcity remote control has five buttons for the five various channels on the remote. You can easily pair this remote with not only one but also more outlets. Moreover, this remote can work not only through doors but also within 100 feet. Its installation process is both easy and quick. Additionally, you can operate it through a digital remote. This remote offers you the ultimate way to control and run power points from one primary place. Also, you will not require to either finding your smartphone to operate it or connect to an app for ease control and use. Find it here Etekcity-Home-Automation-Electronics

Wink Relay

Through this touchscreen control panel, you can easily access every Wi-Fi home automation product that you desire to obtain. You can quickly do this through the Wink App, which allows you to do cool stuff such as customizing your humidity, temperature as well as proximity sensors in addition to the lights in your homesmart. With the advancements made possible by Wink Relay, soon both the double and single light switches will be but a memory of the past. This may even bring about the obsoleteness of the light switches altogether! This is an excellent solution for you and your home in 2018. Find it here


Belkin Conserve Insight Energy Use Monitor

This home automation product is bent on allowing you to know your carbon footprint. With its tracking feature, you can easily monitor the energy you are using while reflecting its impact on your electricity bill. This product allows you to determine how much you want to save. This device is, therefore, a must-have for all persons whose primary desire is saving their money not only in at the current times but also in the future. This product can be plugged not only in lights but also appliances. From this, you can monitor your usage for days and therefore, know the amount these cots you annually. For more information click here

GE Z-Wave Wireless Home Automation Smart Lighting

This switch allows you to do many things with your lights! You can become a master manipulator of your home lighting system as it will enable you to not only turn your lights both on and off but it also allows you to schedule your lights. Moreover, with this switch, you can quickly turn your lights either off or on from offsite. In addition to its abilities, this home automation product is very considerate in terms of the space it takes. With nothing else but your phone, you can quickly change your lighting to suit your needs without undergoing many processes. Find it here
homesmart products have never been better as today! Take the initiative and purchase any of these items to better your home and increase your freedom, fun, and opportunities on what you can do in your home. 2018 is a year intelligent home automation systems suited to serve your needs.

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