The Smart LG Home

It is a phrase that one hears often in some circles: it is a wonderful time to be alive. Technologically we are growing at tremendous leaps and bounds. LG Smart Home technology is no different.

A mere quarter-century ago, computers had the computing power that today’s smart phones eclipse. The internet was in its infancy. The Soviet Union had just collapsed. If anyone had suggested things like iPads, or Apple watches, we would have suggested they were watching too much Star Trek.

The very idea of the Smart Home was a distant dream.

Even today, it is just getting off the ground. However, LG Smart home technology is a step in the right direction.

Connectivity with other appliances

LG smart home
LG is leading the market with hi-tech, reliable home appliance

LG has come out with a whole range of smart appliances from refrigerators to stoves and more. With all of the appliances that offer degrees of wifi and connectivity, your home can work as one single device to ensure that you can do multiple chores at once to get the most out of your leisure and home maintenance life.

Just as we value our downtime, we do not want our homes to be dirty. Now e have the ability to get the most out of our time.

Introducing SmartThinQ

LG smart home
The app is designed to grow as new products are added

The world has grown to depend on our smartphones. They have become an extension of our lives. True, there are some people that feel that we spend to much time on them, and that is not without merit; but they are now our way to stay connected with the world.  The plus side is that we can integrate so much of our daily lives into our smartphone.

The downside is that as our daily lives grow and technology changes, we need to adjust to new apps.

The LG app SmartThinQ is designed to support whatever new devices that LG adds to its lineup. So as LG adds equipment or partners with other companies Like it has With Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assitant, you will have more at you fingertips.

LG is only growing

LG smart home
LG will only continue to expand its reach in your house

A few years ago, LG was a major player in the smartphone world. Even though it still is, it has jumped into the appliance market and started to dominate there. Where the Giants of that field were once Maytag and Kenmore in our parents time, today thanks to smart technology the appliance tech belongs to LG and Samsung.

As of the writing of this article, LG has appliances in the refrigerator markets, the oven market, and the dishwasher as well as the kitchen accessory market. They have moved into the Washer and Dryer market; they are in the Air Conditioner market, vacuum and other home appliance market. It is not a stretch to assume that any electronic device that potentially could be connected via app and wifi for easier use, eventually will become an LG appliance.

LG may not own the future, but it will be part of it

LG smart home
LG will be a major player for years to come

Too often you see advertisements of companies saying that they pave the road to the future, or that the future is brighter because of them. It would be false arrogance to suggest the LG will be the sole home automation company of the 21st century. It would be reckless to even suggest they will exist beyond the 21st century.

However, it is a safe bet to say that at least for the next quarter century, LG will continue to dominate the market with innovative smart machines that will force its competitors to adapt or die. LG will push us to a brave new world of ever more efficient and smarter home automation.


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