What are the main differences between google home and amazon echo?

What are the main differences between Google Home and Amazon Echo?

Do you want to buy a smart speaker but can’t decide between Google Home and Amazon Echo? Then this article is for you! We made our own research and, now, we are happy to share with you the main differences between Google Home and Amazon Echo.

It all depends if you are a “Googler” or an Amazon fan

Choosing between Google Home and Amazon Echo, you probably should decide first how will you use your smart speaker. If you are an Amazon’s premium customer or if you are searching for an easier way to shop, Amazon Echo is the best choice for you. In contrast, if you want your smart speaker to book you a place in a cinema or answer everyday questions, then Google Home is your perfect smart speaker solution.

Quite unsurprisingly, the main differences between Google Home and Amazon Echo lay within their integration with other smart devices and home technologies. Amazon Echo was created by and for Amazon. Therefore, it works better within the Amazon’s environment. On the other hand, Google Home works perfectly with other Google apps but may have some trouble integrating with, for instance, Amazon smart tech.


Easier setup vs more apps

You can easily expend the abilities of Amazon Echo by connecting it to a wide variety of applications and enabling extra features. For example, you can order things you always forget just using a voice command at your convenience. Moreover, Amazon Echo supports considerably more third-party smart-home products then Google Home. Thus, it is probably a winning smart speaker for a smart home control.

However, sometimes the enormous number of available features in a single smart speaker can be overwhelming. In this case, Google Home wins. It has an easier setup process and is less complex overall. So, if you don’t want to break your head installing all the features of Amazon Echo, choose Google Home. Especially, if you are already integrated into the Google environment and use heavily a lot of its handy every-day apps.


Sound quality and aesthetics

As a speaker, even though a smart one, the important point to consider when choosing between Amazon Echo and Google Home is their sound quality. With Amazon Echo, voices sound more natural and understandable, although it lacks bass. However, when used together with Chromecast, Google Home is a definite winner in a multi-room audio setup. Furthermore, Google Assistant has a more conversational and natural voice than Alexa.


As a piece of home decor, the main difference between Google Home and Amazon Echo lays within its design. While Amazon Echo has a more industrial look, Google Home definitely looks more homish with its round soft design. However, when it comes to a design, it’s up to each of us to decide as we all have different tastes.

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