Smart House: Affordable Home Cinema Systems

Taking the cinema theatre to your home is no longer a thing for the rich and famous, The Home Cinema experience is enjoyable, even for a regular consumer like you and me. It doesn’t matter how large your television screen is, or how impressive the resolution, a smart integration system is the key to a smart home theatre, you can build yours starting at around 500$. So let’s walk through the process of the best possible & affordable integration.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Affordable Home Cinema Systems

The Perfect Location for Home Cinema Sytems

Firsts things first, we need to find the perfect spot, What perfect means is a 20 foot long by 13 feet wide old garage or, just an isolated room from the rest of the house. We don’t want to bother the rest of the family or perhaps neighbors.
Whether or not you’re a decorative person, an awesome system integration includes a cozy-style seatings.
Next thing is to furnish it with comfy loveseats or, sofa. For a higher budget aim for specific theatre seatings which has authentic features that will conceive a relaxing and chill viewing.
Adequate lighting is crucial too for a movie room; you’ll require smart lighting tech. We suggest you install home smart light bulb, that you’ll control from a portable device, and then adjust it for a suitable level of light.
See The Best Smart Light Bulbs of 2017.

Get an idea by looking at these few examples:

What kind of TV Screen do I want?

Once your location is entertaining enough, we can move on to the TV Screen. No need to say that this is the masterpiece for a successful cinema. Varied are televisions but they all have almost the same manifacturation, same look and provide relatively the same picture. Now there is some characteristic that we consider important for a dark movie room:

  1.  Calibrated colors to D6500K temperature.
    2. Clear and clean image edges even with the sharpness feature turned down.
    3. Deep black levels and very good contrast ratio
    4. A good side viewing angles.

You can find here a list of best suitable TV’s for our topic.


No Sound, No Life:

Remember this, no sound no life. Without sound we’re lost into the nether, it’s 1940 again with a Charlie Chaplin movie. If your sound is not great then you’re losing half if not all the experience. Of course, a 500$ Television is equipped with premium built-in speakers that should kick a decent punch. But assuming that you are serious about your new sophisticated bat-cave, you should be looking for a better stereo sound speakers, attached with a comfortable sound automations (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/3D) this kind of features. For more info about automations, check Samsung Connect Home.
The market acknowledges a good Stereo Sound for a Home Cinema Systems is something between 5.1 and 7.1 monsters, regardless of your budget you’ll find below a great sound speaker to fit your price range, granted by The Master Switch.


SystemPriceSurround?WiFi?Bluetooth?HDMI I/O3D Ready?
Klipsch Gallery G-16 7.1$24447.1YesYes8/2Yes
Dali Zensor 5.1$25805.1N/AN/AN/AN/A
Axiim Q HD 5.1$24995.1YesYes6/1No
Bose CineMate 520$15005.1YesYes6/1No
Monitor Audio Mass$12465.1N/AN/AN/AN/A
Enclave Audio HD 5.1$11995.1WiSAYes3/1No
Onkyo HT-S7800 5.1.2 Ch.$8995.1.2YesYes8/2Yes
Orb Audio Mini 5.1$6485.1N/AN/AN/AN/A
LG DH7530TW 5.1$5845.1NoNo1/1No
Samsung 5.1-Channel$3605.1YesYes1/1Yes
Yamaha YHT-4920UBL 5.1$4605.1NoYes4/1Yes
Onkyo HT-S3700$4595.1NoYes6/1No
Sony BDVE3100$2985.1YesYes0/1No
Yamaha NS-SP1800 $1625.1N/AN/AN/AN/A

Finally,  if you live in an apartment that can barely fit a 42″ TV and you still want to bring cinema to your home, home theatre would be the best plan for you. It will grant the intimate and cozy experience, with a satisfying entertainment. Do you have an opinion or advice that’s not found here? Let us know in the comments.


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