Amazing AI Gadgets For Your Home

In movies, giving the control to a robotic technology is always a bad idea. It will probably always end up by them trying to take control over the human supremacy. But in the real life, robotic toys are nothing but harmless. Add them some artificial intelligence and they will be the perfect helping buddy you will ever have.
Let’s take a look at AI Gadgets, through a bunch of robotic toys made exclusively for your home.


Amazing AI Gadgets For Your Home

Google Home

Google Home Gadget

Did you often wish to talk to your home?
You get the idea, Google Home is a smart device who is here to help and guide at any given time. In addition, you can ask it questions about everything, and it will tell you what to do. It distinguishes your voice from the others, as if Google is in your home, just for you. One of my favorite AI gadgets.
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Within Body Cardio

Every single day we lose some weight or gain it. With this amazing AI gadget you can take one step every day to better health.
Introducing Body Cardio, the intelligent weight scale with high technology. This is a new way of tracking health, associated with a heart app to help visualize trends, set goals and achieve them.
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In today’s accelerated world, it is increasingly difficult to remember what’s important, especially when it comes to your health and health of your family members.
First of all, Pillo can systematically recognize your faces and greets you with care, and the more you’re using it, it consequently knows you better and better. Since it is always connected to the internet, it can reach you at anytime anywhere on any device.
You could also ask it some daily questions, such as how much calories contains a certain product. Or it will notify you when you need to take your pills, and how many.
Pillo is not just a robot toy made to serve you, most of all it is your friendly timely reminder to live a healthier life.
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Samsung AF9000K

Samsung presents it’s brand new AI Cooling technology, which envelopes in a cool-indirect air without wind. Bascily it adds better wind to the wind, an advanced progressive feel of air. With a stylish design, it is equipped with 3 whirlwind implemented with a high turbo jet, which guarantees 7 types airflows invading every space.
Its robotic interface makes the interactions humanily sensible and comprehensive. It is not only convenience but pure comfort.
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Dyson 360 Eye

Well, this one is for me one of the must-have AI gadgets. No more complaints about cleaning, and no more finding excuses to avoid it, because AI technology is here for you now.
The Dyson 360 Robot is AI powered, it’s small and light, a unique 360° vision system that sees all the way around itself at once.
Choose reference positions to track and triangulate its position, to know where it is, where it’s been and where it yet have to clean. Simultaneously apply a revolutionary automation that deals with identifying the tasks and what way is best to take’em off.
Control your new favourite robot with a phone app to start, stop or pausing it from its process.
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For more gadgets and high technology devices check out our HOME GADGETS category.

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