Amazon Echo Look: A Camera In Your Bedroom

Amazon presents an awesome new gadget for styling amateurs – Amazon Echo Look. It’s a selfie hands free camera that you can use in your bedroom. Every morning when you wake up, you get in front of your Echo Look, and get blown by a ton of options and choices regarding your look. It also offers much more than that. Read the article and see what else you can get with this unique styling assistant.

What is Echo Look?

Using just your voice, you easily take quick videos, full length photos with your hands free camera.

What is included: built-in LED lighting, computer vision-based backround blur and a depth-sensing camera. You can take a look at yourslef from every angle with a companion app, along with building personal lookbook shareable with friends.

Echo Look gives you a second opinion on which outfit fits best with your style. It is hooked up to the cloud with fashion specialists advices. Just by asking it, Echo Look helps you discover new brands and styles with your lookbook as a reference. Isn’t that genius?

See your style from every angle

With a full-length photos, or a 360° short videos, you can view your outfit, and use the app to create and claim your own personal LookBook. In your LookBook you can browse outfits, and use the computer vision-based backround blur to make it pop.

Introducing Style Check

Style Check is what keeps your look updated, adopting advanced machine algorithms, and advices from fashion specialists. Take two photos for a second opinion on which looks best, and Echo Look will decide for you based on your body, styling, colors and current trends. It will, of course, get smarter through your feedback.
Also, videos shot with the hands free selfie stick can be recorded or viewed in real time.


Always getting smarter

Ask your Echo Look to read your news and audio books. You can also make it set alarms, get traffic and weather updates, control smart home devices, play music and more. Just ask your Alexa.

Getting ready for the day is now easier than ever. In case you’re late pre order your latte from Starbucks, access your Google Outlook calendar, and more. Echo Look is always getting better and learning new features and skills. Learn more by clicking here.

This is really an interesting addition to the company’s wildly successful product line and we’re sure you will hear much more about it. At least fashion bloggers will die for it!

And the price – it can be purchased for $200 with an invitation on this link you can apply for yours.

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