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Google’s Guest Mode – is it Beneficial for you?

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Google Nest is one of the leading smart home automation companies worldwide. With the company’s advanced technology in automation and control, no wonder why it has become one of the leading suppliers of smart devices capable of bringing comfort to our homes.

As the trend of home automation continuously rises, Google also develops their way to assure their customers that their products are competitive and modernized compared to their competitors. As Google Nest’s way of showing that they are on top of the race, they recently announced the Guest Mode function in their Smart home devices.

Now, the noticeable question is how Google’s Guest mode will improve our Home Automation experience?

But before jumping to the advancement that it could give, let’s first know what Google’s Guest Mode is all about.

“Hey Google, What is Guest Mode?”

Guest mode is an advanced feature of Google that focuses more on the homeowners’ privacy whenever they want their visitors to be connected to their home network. This set-up allows your guests to connect to your speakers or other smart devices without a password. All they need to do is say the magic words, “Hey Google, turn on Guest Mode.”

What Your Guest Can Do while in Guest Mode?

1.    Control Home Automation Devices

Guest Mode allows your visitors to connect to some specified home automation appliances, so they can enjoy and relax in the comfort of your house.

2.    Play Music

Your guest can also access your speakers to play music. This feature is helpful when you’re throwing a house party and you need someone to play a particular video or song. No more complicated process, just say the magic words.

3.    Access Google Assistant

Guest mode is basically a replica of the Incognito mode in your Google Chrome browser, wherein you can just do anything like the normal mode. The only difference is it will not save any history and other information. Thus, this feature will also allow your guest to talk to Google Assistant and give basic commands.

How Can Google Guest Mode Improve Our Smart Home Automation Experience?

To fully maximize and enjoy this upgraded feature in your Google Nest, you need to fully understand how it works. To enumerate some of the Guest Mode’s importance, continue reading the article.

1.    Limited Access to Your Guest

Guest mode’s main priority is your security. So to prevent your guest from accessing important and private files such as your reminders, calendars, and other entries from your device, you can switch off individual results in your Google Home app. This process can be done by manually setting all your devices according to your desire.

Also, while in Guest Mode, Google automatically deletes all your activity, such as recordings and essential details. Google Assistant will not even give or show any personal results or contacts. However, accessing Google services like Maps or Youtube using Google Assistant might save all your activities related to those services.

2.    No Visibility of Guest Activities

It will also come in convenient if there are visitors in your house and you don’t want any of their activities to be recorded in your account. There will be times when you don’t want any of your interactions to be saved for some apparent reason, this feature is best for your usage.

Final Thoughts

Guest Mode is a reliable function, especially if you’re the type who loves inviting friends and relatives to your residence. With this Google’s new feature, you can certainly be assured of your personal privacy and security while allowing your guest to have a relief experience in using your Home automation devices.

Though Guest Mode is still limited to the English language, rest assured that more updates will be coming shortly. If you want to learn more about this excellent Google feature, you may want to check on this article.



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