Is Upgrading Your Router to Amazon Eero 6 Worth it?

With the current remote set-up that most employees have, it is essential to have a functional and reliable WiFi router to reach you from anywhere at home. Imagine you need to attend an online meeting, but the best WiFi spot in your house is currently occupied as your kid’s home school area. The tendency is you need to move to another area of your home, but the problem is you will either have a choppy voice or a robotic stop dance because of intermittently losing your connection.

Being committed to raising the bar of the customer experience through technology, Amazon aids that connection problem with their product, Eero 6.

Well, if you’re not yet convinced about upgrading your router, you might want to check the pointers below to help you assess if this device is for you.

1.   It Offers Longer Range

Just by looking at this first point, you can tell that this device is definitely an essential investment, especially if you’re working from home. Eero 6 can cover up to 1500 sq ft and improve your WiFi’s performance up to 900 Mbps.

As good as it is, we know that connectivity might be hindered by different factors such as interferences, obstructions, and some building materials. But Amazon is prepared for this scenario, that’s why they include two eero 6 extenders that you can put anywhere in the house, thus covering all the dead spots, including your basement and attic.

With the TrueMesh technology of eero 6, you can say goodbye to buffering and say hello to unlimited 4k video streaming wherever you are in the house.

2.   Can Connect More devices

Another typical problem that Eero 6 resolves is the number of connectivity that the router is capable of. Typically, you can connect more than 50+ devices simultaneously in a router. The problem here is the more devices connected, the slower the connection will become. Of course, we don’t want that to happen. With their advanced technology, Eero 6 can connect more than 75 devices at once and provide a faster WiFi connection even if used simultaneously.

You can now connect all your household devices, including your smart automation appliances, without worrying that you might experience buffering during your video calls and online meetings.

Besides those benefits, you can also set-up guest networks whenever visitors or friends come over to your home.

3.   Easy to Use

Just like other Amazon devices, Eero 6 is user friendly and very manageable. From installing to setting-up and up to even upgrading, this device is easy to use.

You can check the eero app, which can help you walk through the whole process of using this router. In case you’re tired of seeing ads, you can instantly block them from the router so that all devices connected to the network will automatically block ads as well.

In terms of integration, eero 6 comes with a built-in Zigbee, thus making your router a working hub for all your smart devices. Though this may vary according to the device that you have. You can quickly expand your system whenever you need it since there is much cross-compatible hardware that you can find.


So is it worth upgrading your router to eero 6? Absolutely! With all the benefits you’ve read above, investing in this device is a win-win situation for your budget and an efficient WiFi connection. From time to time it goes on sale, so you can get a budget deal!

If you’re ready to upgrade, feel free to check Eero 6 here.

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