Modernize Your Home with Kickstarter Gadgets

Many people think that technology advancements are limited to your phones, computers, and cars. Well, it is time this thought is refuted by showing you the coolest Kickstarter gadgets your home. After all, who doesn’t like a beautiful and digitized home?

Modernize Your Home with Kickstarter Gadgets

Blink – Wire-Free HD Home Monitoring & Alert System

Feeling safe in your own home is something that is important to all of us. Many people view home security as a significant project that will require a hefty investment, so they fail to invest in it. That is however not the case with Blink as it is a wireless, battery powered, easily portable alarm unit that has a long life-span lasting up to a year. Moreover, it is not expensive and thus, demolishes the idea of substantial investment.



Emberlight – turn any bulb into a smart light

Home lighting is as equally important as is home security. Lighting has honestly come a long way, and with this Kickstarter gadget, it is easy to do so much more than switch your lights on and off. With Emberlight, it is easy to control your lighting system in the house with just your smartphone. You can slowly dim your lights and also gradually increase the light’s power as your alarm strikes the waking hour, just like the sun rises in the morning. The best thing about Emberlight is that it works with the ordinary light bulb and the fixation process is similar.

Garage Beacon – Turn your phone into a garage door remote

Unlike many technologies, the garage technology has not experienced much advancement from its usual door remote, which most people tend to carry on their key rings. Nevertheless, with the improvements in many areas of technology today, it is easy to replace the usual door remote with an app. Garage beacon allows you to control your garage door with just your phone. Apart from the manual operation, the garage beacon also has a feature that is powered by Wi-Fi, which once you arrive home opens the garage door automatically.


Kepler –  Your Best Home Gas Detector

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With the installation of Kepler in your kitchen, it is easier to determine gas leaks in your home. Kepler has high carbon monoxide and gas detectors, whose primary aim is ensuring that your home is safeguarded against any poisonings and in-house fires.

Everyone desires a smart home with gadgets, which are easily operable with just a simple click on your smartphone. Nowadays, it is not just about having your dream house; it is about modernizing your home with the most current and up to date technology – and on Kickstarter you can find plenty of amazing ideas.

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