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We are all aware of those famous Home Automation companies that currently dominate the automation industry. Little that we know, some small-time individuals or groups can invent and produce quality and purposeful devices that can contribute to our Smart Home Automation System. The question is where to find those individuals and groups.

Kickstarter is the best platform to look for those talented folks that can help shape the future of home automation. This platform is designed for anyone with innovative products to get funding to have the capacity to produce and deliver their products.

Let’s check on some of the most useful automation products that they have on the list.

1.    Pium: Your Personal Aromatherapist

Everybody loves to have a relaxing Jasmine aroma every time we arrive home, or probably a scent of lavender when we sleep. WIth Pium, you can set-up a hassle-free experience of giving your home a scent that suits your current need. This product is your personal assistant that will help you automate your home fragrance regarding your needs and when you need it.

It comes with a scent capsule where oil information is electrically coded and automatically recognized by the system upon plugging it. You can also program different scents for different times of the day.

2. SwitchBot Curtain

Automate your existing curtains. Support Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. The affordable retrofit solution you have been looking for.

Are you stuck at home during this Pandemic season and worried about the increasing energy bill? If you’re looking for a practical device that can at least help you reduce your energy usage, then the SwitchBot Curtain is the right product for you.

With SwitchBot Curtain, you can automate the process of opening and closing your window curtain, making it more convenient on your end. It can support all sizes and brands of curtains as long as it’s rod and rail type. Apparently, you can also integrate this device with Alexa, Google Home, and even Siri. 

The best feature of the SwitchBot Curtain is the built-in sunlight sensor that can limit the entry of heat in your home, thus regulating the usage of your air conditioning system. You also don’t need to worry about charging this device since you can purchase the add-on solar power strip, making it sustainable for everyone.

3.    ThermBot

At home or on the go, ThermBot delivers contactless body temperature readings with clinical accuracy plus smart home assistants & IFTTT integration.

With the effect of Covid-19 in our society, people are getting more careful in doing their stuff outside the house. With that, ThermBot can help you monitor your temperature whether you’re inside or outside your home. In just a second, you can instantly get a clinically accurate result.

Due to its small design, you can quickly bring this anywhere you go, hassle-free. But it’s more than just a device, ThermBot is a Smart Device that you can easily integrate into your wellness apps and smart assistants. Also, by teaming up with IFTTT, the world’s largest open-source integration platform, you can connect your ThermBot to other smart home automation devices.

In terms of power, ThermBot doesn’t use a battery, you have to connect it to your phone using a type C connector, which is also included in the package for both IOS and Android users.

4.    Mitte

Mitte replaces bottled water with a smart home water system. Create drinking water pure and enhanced with minerals.

Mitte is the first-ever smart home water system capable of enhancing your water through a natural water process. This automation goes with the process of distillation followed by purification using essential minerals.

This will not be called a smart device if it doesn’t have the automation capability. You can integrate it with your mobile device to further personalize the process, such as dispensing water, adjusting water temperature, checking the water quality, and many more.

There are many other projects that you can check in case you are looking for a specific home automation system. Whether lighting system, security system, or water system, Kickstarter has a list of uprising smart automation devices carefully prepared for you. If you want to support some of these talented individuals or companies, visit Kickstarter now.

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