Roomba vacuum cleaner – what to know before buying?

Roomba vacuum cleaner – what to know before buying?

How Roomba works

Roomba is a series of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners sold by iRobot. We all heard of them, but not many of us have tried one. Those interested in the product should not get discouraged by all the different models like 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900 series. Lucky for us, there are not many differences between Roomba models that you can choose from. There is only ONE new iRobot Roomba at the market. Take these models as iPhones 4, 5, 5s, 6, 6s…

  • How Roomba works?

It follows a series of programmed instructions, but it also uses a certain amount of built-in “intelligence” to work out what it needs to do and how it needs to do it. Roomba uses iRobot’s AWARE Robotic Intelligence System to make many decisions for itself, so minimal human input is required. To explain simple how Roomba works – it has a lot of sensors that make Roomba work efficient.

  • Is a Roomba worth it?

We think so. Roomba has lots of advantages and disadvantages but coming home and not having to worry about cleaning your home is a huge plus for us. It can even justify the spicy price of this robotic vacuum cleaner. That is at least our opinion about is a Roomba worth it.

  • Does Roomba learn?

If you are wondering does Roomba learn, here is your answer. Yes, Roomba does learn. The first thing Roomba does when you press “Clean” is calculate the room size. Manufacturer did not precise exactly how it’s done, but we believe that it sends out an infrared signal and checks how long it takes to bounce back to the infrared receiver located on its bumper.

  • Does the Roomba work on carpet?

Yes, Roomba does work on carpet and not only that. It is perfect in picking up your pets hair out of your carpet.

  • How to clean Roomba?

This is an easy guide on how to clean Roomba. Remove brush guard by lifting both yellow tabs. Remove and clean under the yellow brush caps and remove hair and debris from metal brush cap shafts.  Repeat several times until the the cleaning tool no longer picks up hair/fibers.

  • Which Roomba should I get?

Which Roomba should I get – that is something that probably bothers you if you plan to buy a Roomba. At the moment of writing this article new Roomba model is iRobot® Roomba® 980, but not all of you need WiFi connectivity and a lot more technology that comes with premium model. You can choose from iRobot Roomba® 880 or iRobot Roomba® 860 to have a perfect cleaning experience.

  • Roomba warranty?

Roomba warranty may differ from country to country. But in the US you have 1 year Roomba warranty, and 6 months on battery.

In the store you can find 2 or more different series of Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners but that is a new model and old model. There are some difference between Roomba vacuum cleaner models in 800 series so you have 860,880 but we will leave that for another article. For this one we just wanted to focus on most common questions about Roomba vacuum cleaner.

If you are interested in taking a look in different models of Roomba over the years you can check their Wikipedia page here.

If you are interested in this robotic vacuum cleaner you can go to this link to learn more or to buy it: iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot



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