Smart Doorbells That You Need to Consider Installing in the New Normal

With the current pandemic situation worldwide, we can’t help but adjust to what they so-called “New Normal.” With that, we also need to upgrade some of our stuff, including home automation devices, to catch up with the new norm adjustments. By upgrading, we actually mean improving it to help us observe health safety protocols.

One of the devices that we need to upgrade is our doorbells. Typically, we know doorbells as push-button devices installed in our door to alert us whenever we have guests outside. Those mechanical processes are not highly advisable nowadays since direct contact is hazardous in dealing with Covid-19.

The best solution for a direct-contact problem is installing a smart doorbell in your front door. The advancement of this current Smart doorbell is its camera function and contactless feature.

Even though we love our Ring doorbell, to give you a better idea and perspective about other smart doorbells, let’s take a look at these two famous models in the home automation market. Touchless Video Doorbell, one of the leading providers of automation and integration systems, recently released their first Video Doorbell with a unique non-contact feature. The goal of this device is to help reduce public health risks caused by the Coronavirus. This doorbell eliminates the need to traditionally press the button, making it safe not only for your family but also for your guests and to your friendly delivery folks.

Basically, this doorbell works by just standing a safe distance in front of where it is located, then chimes will sound. This new product of doesn’t use a motion sensor detector, instead, it’s programmed with person detection capabilities to ensure a swift and uninterrupted process. Once a person is detected outside, the chime will automatically trigger and alert the owners. Also, upon human detection, the doorbell will immediately start to record a video.

To give you a better automation experience, this doorbell comes with a two-way audio and HD video to attend to your visitor’s needs without opening your door immediately. You can also integrate your doorbell to other smart home automation devices, such as smart bulbs or speakers.

Aside from the features mentioned before, this device also has a 150° vertical view that provides full head-to-toe visibility, including the packages left on your doorstep.

If you’re ready to order this product, just visit the official Sales page of

Lorex 2K Video Doorbell with Person Detection

Produced by Lorex Technology, a worldwide distributor of video security systems, Lorex 2K Video Doorbell with person detection is another competitive product you need to watch out for in the automation market. As the gadget’s name implies, this doorbell is equipped with person detection software capable of capturing a 2K QHD resolution image.

The person detection feature is absolutely built-in and free upon purchasing the doorbell. With its advanced technology, this doorbell only notifies you when it detects people and not any other movements in front of your door.

In terms of resolution, Lorex is proud to inform you that their product has a 4:3 image ratio than the 16:9 ratio of other distributors. On the other hand, this device also provides  2k video, which is two times better than the typical 1080p video resolution.

Furthermore, this video doorbell is installed with automatic corrections for lighting conditions to improve its video quality during nighttime, thus making sure that your household is safe every single time.

To get to know more about this product, visit the official store of Lorex Technology.

Final Thoughts

If you want to add another layer of security in terms of your family’s health and wellness, contactless automation such as this Smart Video Doorbells is definitely a good investment. With its advanced feature and specification, it is indeed something that you need to consider adding to your smart home automation system.

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