7 Must-have Tech Gadgets For Outdoorsy People

When you look at the way people live today, always busy and in a hurry, no wonder more and more of them like to escape to the outdoors. Here are some must-have tech gadgets that can help you enjoy the nature and stay in tune.

7 Must-have Tech Gadgets For Outdoorsy People

Solar Powered Power Bank

We are starting with the solar powered power bank. It is very useful and practical, can be powered by electricity but also by solar so it is a perfect combo. You can use it for charging not only phones but all sorts of gadgets that have an USB or micro USB input.You can use it for charging not only phones but all sorts of gadgets that have an USB or micro USB input.

Solar & Dynamo Powered Flashlight

The next outdoorsy gadget is the Solar/Dynamo LED Flashlight. For beginners there is the dynamo powered flashlight from Ikea for example but if you want to go to the next level then the mentioned 2 way powered flashlight is for you.

Mini USB Fan

Number three is Mini USB Fan. This can be used both in the office and outdoors powered by of course our solar power bank.

Mini USB Fridge

The same goes for this cute (not that super usable) Neon Portable USB Powered Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer Can Refrigerator. It’s cute but there is only room for one drink so therefore either buy a few or just use it at the office.

Mosquito trap/zapper

Ok this is something you cannot live without outdoors a Mosquito zapper. It attracts and traps the buzzing dipterans and you don’t get bit. It doesn’t mean that you don’t need other repellents but we need all the help we can get against the blood loving insects.

Solar backpack







Ok this one will definitely go on some to buy shopping list. His Excellency the Solar backpack. They come in different sizes and colours and can be bought on both specialized selling sites as well as on some global selling sites such as eBay.

Solar Vest

Solar Vest is also something that our outdoorsy geeks will love. You run around in the nature having all your loved gadgets next to you while they are charging.

After reading about tech gadgets for outdoorsy people, also check out our post about amazing AI gadgets for your home.

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