Future Home Technology – Top 5 Gadgets Everybody Will Want

In recent years we faced a boom on a home technology market. Millions of incredible smart home products were launched and widely adopted by home tech lovers making their lives easier, cheaper and more secure. Yet, there is still a lot to look forward to! This is why we have created for you a list of top-5 future home technologies that you probably haven’t heard of yet but will definitely want to have at your house.

Future home technology

Smart mirrors

future home technology

Described years ago in the Snow White fairytale, smart mirrors will finally become an accessible reality in the next year or two. Several big tech companies and start-ups, such as Panasonic and Simplehuman, have been working on this fascinating home technology for the last couple of years. These mirrors have lots of features that every girl will be in love with. Among them adjustable color temperature, makeup and beauty suggestions, skin analysis, motion sensors,  and 10x detail mirror.


Robotic kitchens


Now you don’t have to be Gordon Ramsey to make an outstanding dinner at home! One of the most exciting future home technology is a robotic kitchen. The pioneer of this technology is Moley, that was programmed with the movements of BBC Masterchef winner, Tim Anderson, and can create any recipe you choose from the iTunes-esque app. If Moley does not fit your budget (estimated price $75,000), you can start small and check-out first our next must-have smart kitchen technology, connected coffee makers.


Connected coffee makers

smart coffee makers

We all want our warm morning coffee but we all never have time to prepare it. Fortunately, there is Smarter.am, a future home technology that connects your coffee maker to your smartphone. You can program time, quantity and strongness of your morning coffee straight from the bed. For those, who prefer tea, we suggest iKettle that boils and keeps water warm and can be easily integrated with other smart home technologies like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


Bio-adaptive lights


If coffee on its own does not help you to wake up, we would like to introduce you to bio-adaptive lights developed by AmBX. This perfect solution for a better morning and a better sleep combines LED lights with cloud technology to match artificial light in a room to human circadian rhythms. By adapting light exposure at your home evening and morning, bio-adaptive lights can delay or advance your sleep-wake cycle, resulting in the change of your waking up or bedtime.


Home Security Through Facial Recognition Software


One of the most important topics in the smart home industry for the upcoming years is smart home security systems. Although there are already a lot of home security technologies on the market, the facial recognition feature will make them a must-have home tech. Now in use for businesses, Home Security Through Facial Recognition Software will soon become accessible to private homes, recognizing strangers and sending alerts straight to your smartphone, so that your home is not only smart, but also a safe place to leave.

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