Top 9 Must-Have Automated Kitchen Appliances

Having an automated house means a comfortable home to live in where everything is made easy to manage and control. It’s easier to control your devices and appliances from a push of a button. Here are some of the numerous automated kitchen appliances for equipping your kitchen area so you can enjoy your culinary time even more.

Automated Kitchen Appliances

1. Smart Refrigerator

smart fridge

This fantastic smart refrigerator with Wi-Fi and expanded LCD screen is much more than just a common fridge. The screen gives you access to note taking, photo, grocery planning, calendar and the Evernote app to keep your documents and lists synced in between your phone and refrigerator. 

2. Microwave Drawer


Modern microwaves now come in a different form. Choose the place under the counter or underneath wall oven. It also has a function as a warming oven. 

3. Dacor’s High-Tech Oven


This high-end oven comes with integrated Android/tablet control panel with an app that lets you control it from anywhere with an Internet connection. 

4. Sungale Netchef


This handy gadget is a fantastic solution for all of those who really enjoy cooking new meals. It comes with pre-loaded 500 recipes and a Wi-Fi connection so you can pull recipes from the Internet and watch culinary videos as well. 

5. Almighty Board


This smart board serves as a cutting board, displays your recipes, provides you step-by -step directions and is a weigh scale. After you wash it, it will tell you if it has been cleaned properly. 

6. iRobot Scooba

irobot scooba

When you’re cooking, there’s a great possibility of food and ingredients to fall on your floor and make mess. This iRobot washes hardwood and floor tiles with a multi-step process that eliminates up to 97% of bacteria. 

7. Wi-Fi Coffee Machine


This coffee machine is easily connected to your cellphone so you can have your coffee ready whenever you want it. 

8. High-tech Kitchen Faucet

kitchen faucet

Enjoy this high-tech kitchen faucet with touch screen controller. Cool, isn’t it?

9. Crock-Pot Slow Cooker


If you’re enjoying your cooking time, this is a perfect high-tech product for you. Slow cooker with  Wi-Fi enables you to adjust cooking time, temperature, shift to warm or turn on and off using android application. 

Owning smart automated kitchen appliances gives you more joy in cooking and preparing your meals. Having such high-tech products reduces your time spent waiting for your meals to finish, vegetables to be perfectly cooked or coffee to be brewed and ready. Take your home automation to the next level and make your kitchen a high-tech cooking area as well.

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