Singlecue Gen 2 Review – Gestures controller

Singlecue Gen 2 Review – Gestures controller

It seems like everyone is running to make a best next thing in home control systems. A lot of them focused on voice control like Alexa, Google home, apple TV and others. Singlecue gen 2 took a different approach. Their idea is to control your TV and other home connected devices with gestures. A couple of years they made Singlecue that was their first step in that direction. This year they are coming out with Singlecue Gen 2. Singlecue that claims that all the early bug and missing features are gone.

Singlecue Gen 2 works by setting up your TV, then using the app and integrate it with devices around your house. Singlecue works with the whole plethora of devices. You can see the list on their home page.

Even though gesture control doesn’t seem intuitive, controlling it in this fashion is really good. Users can switch on gadgets of their choosing that are connected to Singlecue, simply by waving at it. From there, certain gestures can be used to control only certain devices, with a variety of gestures being used for different actions. If a user holds a finger to their lips then the sound is muted on an audio device, for example, while holding up a hand, closing and reopening it allows users to select items on-screen.

In all, the Singlecue is a pretty neat technology. I like that I didn’t have to wave my hand around wildly for it to work and that the gestures were very easy to learn. Will it replace the universal remote control anytime soon? That, I’m not so sure about, but if Eyesight’s technology becomes embedded in TVs, it very well might. At the very least, you won’t have to dig through couch cushions to find the remote anymore. Cool!

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