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When tackling DIY home automation projects, one usually looks at the more common projects of the home entertainment center, appliance control, or increased security and energy efficiency. It is easy to neglect such items as windows automation. After all, windows are not motorized, there are no electrical items involved.

But, here comes Wyndflow to challenge that misconception. Window automation was never easier.

Why You Should Think About Windows Automation

When considering home cooling energy efficiency, many times more often than not it is the habit for experts to calculate the energy efficiency of the heating and cooling units in the house. Experts look at insulation and doors to make sure that they are not letting precious cold air or heat out.

this is a money saver


Most home security systems do monitor windows for break-ins or if a window is opened when it should not be. Wyndflow takes it a step further. Since the window is on a motorized lift, it is securely locked when the window is closed. That makes the window hard to force open.

On top of that, should the window be broken in the course of a break in, not only will the alarm sound, the lift mechanism provides a bit of a barrier to anyone attempting to crawl through the window.

a lot of power in a small package

Energy Savings

A major selling point in home automation is saving money. The biggest cost in home electrical costs will always be the heating and cooling costs. No matter how efficient a system that is installed; no matter how many thermal-paned windows that are installed; no matter how energy efficient the doors and installation are, a home is still not maximizing on its heating and cooling costs.

A heating or cooling unit working nonstop will cost the home owner money. The simple solution exists with simply opening a few windows and letting a fresh, windy breeze cool the house. But then, you have to make the effort to open and close several windows; you have to hurry and shut them as the day heats up. Of course, that freak summer rain storm will leave the interior of the home wet and the owner racing to shut them.

Wyndflow, makes that all easier. The system is designed to monitor outside weather conditions. Should the house be better served by letting the outdoor breeze cool the house, then Wyndflow will open the windows. Synced with your heating and cooling systems, the windows will shut off your AC while the windows are open and turn it on when the windows close. Even better, Wyndflow monitors local weather conditions and will automatically shut the windows in case of inclement weather.

Even better, Wyndflow is also controllable by a smart phone app, meaning you can open and close any window whether you are home or away at the push of a button.

Health Benefits

The longer a house goes without fresh air, the unhealthier it becomes.
Relying solely on AC or heat to circulate the air in your house does not remove dangerous contaminants, dust or mold from your air. The longer you go without circulating the air in your house the worse it will become.

These days, those air borne contaminants stay in the home longer simply because we rely more on the convenience of climate control and not so much of the air that comes into the house through open windows.

Wyndflow takes care of that. It is designed to open and close on a schedule if desired, to allow you circulate the air. These will increase the health benefits of the system. In a way, it will offer savings to your health care costs.

Final thoughts

The ultimate theory behind home automation is real to make a home as energy efficient as possible and as user-friendly as possible. Many people overlook little things in favor of the more obvious ideas. The theory behind home automation is to make the home as efficient as possible while saving as much money as possible.

Wyndflow takes windows automation to a new level. This window system allows for the home owner to improve the health of the home while saving money for the home owner.

See more about windows automation at the Wyndflow website

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