Best Home Control Systems

Home control systems are a great way to improve your home’s security, save money, and add convenience to your daily tasks around the home. These systems automate things such as: security alarms, lighting, smoke detectors, range (oven and stop tops), door locks, thermostats, and just about any other electronic device in your home. However, choosing the right control system for your home can be difficult with so many factors to consider. Each company offering this type of service has different interfaces, protocols, costs, and customer support services. Here is a brief look at some of the more prominent names in the industry at this time.

Home Control Systems Review

1. Homeseer.

Recognized by many as setting the standard in the industry, this company is known for exceptional customer support and a relatively easy to use interface. It has a high versatility with home automation devices, as well as an expansive software compatibility. It is readily compatible with popular software such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, and most of Homeseer’s features directly integrate into Windows Media Center. The company also has an online store, making additions to the home easy to find. It is furthermore compatible with most home computer operating systems, allowing one to have access to Homeseer from any desktop or laptop the software is installed on. Overall, Homeseer is undoubtedly one of the top of its class.

2. Control4.

Recognized as another top-of-the-line system, Control4 is recognized as being one of the easiest interfaces to utilize. While Control4 lacks the compatibility Homeseer is known for, its complete integration system makes it very easy to use for those intimidated by this type of technology, or for those who simply don’t want to spend much time learning how to control the various functions of the system. As with Homeseer, it is compatible with most home computer operating systems, making it accessible from any computer it is installed on. About the only downfall with Control4 is that initial installation and add-ons require professional installation due to their complexity.

3. Crestron .

crestron home control systems
Crestron is recognized as a leader in this industry, having a vast variety of companies making products specifically intended for Crestron itself. Crestron has made a place for itself not just in home control systems, but additionally in businesses and schools. It offers full compatibility with both Windows Media Center and iTunes. One of Crestron’s greatest strengths is in regards to home theater systems, one area in which its other two aforementioned predecessors are lacking in at this time. There is a wide variety of hardware controllers Crestron offers itself, plus third-party modules allowing expanded compatibility with other various home control devices.

Depending on your particular needs, any one of these top three companies offering home control systems would be a good choice. Your particular choice will vary depending on your specific needs, expectations as far as expansions later down the road, ease-of-use, and various other factors you need to consider for your home. With how widely used these three systems are, plenty of resources are available to ensure you make the right choice, but all will be well suited for virtually any home control system setup.

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