Equip Your House with Motion Capture

We’ve all encountered a next gen cameras on a daily basis, whether as a safety equipment in a store or a high facility building. But our today’s topic is Motion Capture Camera – what does it mean? Is it affordable for limited area surveillance? And why should you use it? Let’s take a leap into tomorrow.

What is a Motion Capture Camera?

We can begin by stating that motion capture is a recording of the movement of people and objects, programmed so it tracks human body shapes, faces as well as emotions while assuring lively communication to a connected source without wire. (You can check our article about “New D-Link Wi-Fi Camera to Support Apple’s Smart Home”).

Motion Capture Camera

Affordable at what price & Where to find it?

Whether it’s a futuristic concept for some of you or not, this type of surveillance tool is already sold on E-Stores, and ready for the use of different demands. Some are made for movement science and robotics or even for neuroscientists as medical reasons, where others are more likely shaped for Security, Which is our topic.

You can have a look at some models offered by OptiTrack.

Prime 41 $5,9994.1 MP (2048×2048)180 FPS5.5 ms
Prime 17W $3,4991.7 MP (1664×1088)360 FPS2.8 ms
Prime 13 $1,9991.3 MP (1280×1024)240 FPS4.2 ms
Primes 13W $2,4991.3 MP (1280×1024)240 FPS4.2 ms
Flex 13 $9991.3 MP (1280×1023)120 FPS8.33 ms
Flex 3 $5990.3 MP (640×480)100 FPS10 ms
Slim 13E $1,4991.3 MP (1280×1024)240 FPS4.2 ms


You can see what suits you best in terms of price and quality. You can also find more information about the products and the services provided with by clicking here.

Why should I use Motion Capture?

So the next step is to find a practical purpose to this house video recorder guard. Let’s say you have a baby you want to protect at any price from unpredictable accidents which could occur inside your house. The child is young; He could not identify any harming item. How about letting your camera help you with that? Make it warn you if any emergency or insecurity is happening instantly so you can be more protected and riskless than ever.
Now that you are finally knowledge equipped, you can proceed to choose what kind of camera you want.

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