Smart Lights: The brighter future

Smart Lights! Camera! Action!

The ultimate goal of every smart home for many is as much automation as possible and the highest level of convenience for the homeowner. Therefore, it surprises no one, when one of the biggest topics in home automation remains smart light applications in the home.

And it should surprise no one. Of all the labor-intensive activities in the home, not to mention energy intensive remains to light the home. The industry has gone from the bulky plug-in timers and such novelty items such as “the clapper” to light bulbs and sockets that are smart and mobile apps that can put all of your lights at your fingertips.

Smart lights can benefit in three major ways: energy efficiency, security, and convenience.

Energy Savings

smart lights
One of the biggest drains on electric usage are lights left on in an empty room.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, about 10% of the nation’s energy consumption was spent on lighting. Now, in the grand scheme of things 10 percent does not seem like a lot; however, for the budget conscious homeowner, we can be talking hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the years.

Today’s smart lights are easily programmed remotely from app-based controls or even a smart hub. They can be set to come on or off at preset times or even be programmed to go on and off when a person enters or leaves the room.

That will control the amount of time that a light remains on. No more lighting up an empty room. Should you be worried about cost, check out some of the gadgets that you can obtain for cheap to retrofit existing lights.


smart lights
home security lights

There is an old adage, “safety is in the light.”

That saying definitely holds true when considering home security. A well-lit home will dissuade would-be intruders much more effectively than one without adequate lighting. Most law enforcement strongly suggests a well-lit house is one of the best tips they can suggest.

In the past, would be burglars would notice the timing sequence of interior home lights. Nothing advertised no one at home better than lights that came on and went off at normal intervals. However, newer smart lights can be programmed to go off on and on at random times. Most times a burglar will pass on a home that they have doubts on.

Smart lights outdoors can also aid in home protection, especially if they are equipped with motion detectors. Not only do they save electricity, but a light suddenly coming on can alert the occupants of something amiss outside. Also, they can help with any security cameras that you have mounted around your house.


smart lights
A bright world at your fingertips

Finally, everyone wants a house at their fingertips. It is the allure of home automation. How many times have you gotten snug in your bed and remembered that you left the kitchen light on? Or gotten home and realized that you didn’t leave a light on and now faced stumbling through a dark home to find a switch?

In years past, that would have been a major inconvenience. Today, that no longer needs to happen. Mobile apps can put smart lights at your fingertips. With modern smart lights, a room can be set to turn on lights when the user enters and shut off when the owner leaves.

Rooms can even be programmed to dim lights on command. With some smart hubs such as Alexa, you can even use voice commands to activate and turn off lights.

Smart Lights in the spotlight

The 21st century is a wonderful time to be alive. We now live in a time where our house is at fingertips. Modern home automation systems give homeowners the power to control energy usage, security and improve ease of use at home.

Overall, by adding smart lights to the mix, the homeowner only increases that control.

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